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Our ammunition is made in-house and hand inspected to ensure the quality and precision that delivers reliable accuracy round after round.

who we are

High Desert Cartridge Company is an ammunition manufacturer co-owned by retired law enforcement and a precision machinist with over 40 years of reloading experience and 12 years in the commercial loading industry. We offer a selection of high quality new and remanufactured ammunition using Mark 7 automated loading systems. Every round of High Desert Ammo is precision manufactured and hand-inspected at our factory in Goldendale Washington.

Every round of High Desert ammo offers you reliable precision down range.

Our ammunition is rigorously field tested. In addition to crafting precision ammunition, we also provide world class firearms training, concealed carry classes, and armorer courses through our Cerberus Training Group.

Watch us put High Desert Cartridges to the test:

available rounds

(Due to market conditions, prices and availability may vary)



115 grain TMJ*

124 grain TMJ*

50 round box – 19.00

250 round box – 95.00


147 grain TMJ*


50 round box – 20.00

250 round box – 100.00


NEW – 50 round boxes only – 35.00

124 grain JHP – using Nosler Bullets


45 acp


230 grain TMJ*

50 round box – 21.00

250 round box – 105.00


NEW – 50 round boxes only – 40.00

185 grain JHP – using Nosler Bullets


223 / 5.56


55 grain FMJ*

150 round box – 75.00

250 round box – 125.00

500 round boxes – 250.00

*TMJ or Total Metal Jacket – The copper jacket totally encapsulates the bullet, leaving no exposed lead.

*FMJ or Full Metal Jacket – The copper jacket covers the bullet except for the base, where lead is still exposed.


Start to finish attention to quality.


Precision rounds with a personal touch.


Accurate round after round.

Kyle Defoor

Retired Navy SEAL Sniper, DEVGRU operator, and former head trainer for Blackwater, Kyle Defoor has a resume second to none. Kyle is the founder of Defoor Performance Shooting, which specializes in training small arms combat marksmanship, modern sniper operations, low visibility operations, and battlefield proven room clearing methods.

Defoor Performance Shooting offers tactical solutions through training to U.S. military, law enforcement and government entities, as well as pistol and rifle training for qualified civilians. Drawing upon extensive real-world experience, Kyle provides tactical consulting to MIL/GOV/LE agencies around the world.

Kyle shoots High Desert Cartridge company ammo.

Here’s what he has to say:

The best quality training ammo you don’t know about…until now.

Bill Blowers

Based in Tacoma, Washington, Bill Blowers was first introduced to pistol shooting over 30 years ago as part of familiarization when he joined the US Army Cavalry Scouts in 1986. After six years in the Army, Bill spent the next 26 years as a police officer, of which 22 years were spent in SWAT, the special weapons and tactics team.

A keen teacher who enjoys passing on his experience, Bill has been teaching SWAT-related courses professionally since 2003, alongside running his own business Tap-Rack Tactical, LLC since 2006. For training, classes and carry, Bill chooses Walther’s Q5 and Q4 steel frame pistols, topped with red dot sights, and is currently using a Safariland 6354DO on a Blue Force gear belt.

Bill shoots High Desert Cartridge Company ammo.

Here’s what he has to say:

I’ve been using HDCC 9mm and 5.56 for about two years with no issues. Repeatedly above 95 on slow fire B8’s at 25 yards with pistol, and scoring 375 and better on a 400 point aggregate drill from 0-400 on B8’s. Reliability has been superb, accuracy phenomenal, customer service has been fantastic. I highly recommend HDCC ammo because the guys who make it also shoot it.

High Desert Cartridge company offers world-class ammunition at competitive prices.

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