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High Quality Ammunition

Every round of High Desert ammo offers you reliable precision down range.



Exceptional attention to detail, start to finish.



Precision made ammo with a personal touch.



Accuracy guaranteed round after round.

Who We Are

High Desert Cartridge Company is an ammunition manufacturer co-owned by retired law enforcement and a precision machinist with over 40 years of reloading experience and 12 years in the commercial loading industry. We offer a selection of high quality new and remanufactured ammunition using Mark 7 automated loading systems. Every round of High Desert Ammo is precision manufactured and hand-inspected at our factory in Goldendale Washington.

Every round of High Desert ammo offers you reliable precision down range.

Our ammunition is rigorously field tested.

In addition to crafting precision ammunition, we also provide world-class firearms training, concealed carry classes, and armorer courses through Cerberus Training Group.


Exclusive Endorsements We are Trusted by the Best.

Top shooters, hobbyists, and distinguished instructors across the country set themselves apart with High Desert Cartridge Company.

Kyle Defoor


Retired Navy SEAL Sniper, DEVGRU operator, and former head trainer for Blackwater, Kyle Defoor has a resume second to none. Kyle is the founder of Defoor Performance Shooting, which specializes in training small arms combat marksmanship, modern sniper operations, low visibility operations, and battlefield proven room clearing methods.

Defoor Performance Shooting offers tactical solutions through training to U.S. military, law enforcement and government entities, as well as pistol and rifle training for qualified civilians. Drawing upon extensive real-world experience, Kyle provides tactical consulting to MIL/GOV/LE agencies around the world.

“The best quality training ammo you don’t know about…until now.”

– Kyle

Kyle Defoor shoots High Desert ammo.

Travis Kennedy


Born and raised in Southern California, Travis joined the Navy in 2006 with the goal of becoming a Navy SEAL. After graduating from SEAL training, he went onto complete the Special Operations Combat Medic course. From there, he was stationed at SEAL Team Four where he completed two successful combat deployments to Afghanistan.

He then went on to become a Basic Underwater Demolition/Seal (BUD/s) instructor and was able to develop and mentor future SEALs. Being an instructor was one of the most rewarding times of his career.

After his time as an instructor, he returned to SEAL Team Four and completed another deployment while simultaneously completing his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.

Shortly after, he served as the leading Chief Petty Officer running the Special Operations Urban Combat training division. In this role, he focused on urban combat tactics, combat shooting, and professional development.

In April 2019, he separated from the military in order to follow his next calling of giving back, teaching, and mentoring others so they may grow individually and professionally.

He does this by applying his 11 years of experience as a United States NAVY SEAL to educate and train individuals on defensive shooting tactics and instilling the “Thinking Shooter” mindset.

“The new standard of ammunition, made to perform and designed with the end user in mind.”

– Travis

Travis Kennedy shoots High Desert ammo.

Bill Rapier


Bill Rapier is the owner and lead instructor at Amtac Shooting. Bill retired from the Navy in 2014 after 20 years of service, the majority of his time being spent in the SEAL Teams. During his time in the Teams, his duty assignments included several years at SEAL Team 3 and over 14 years at Naval Special Warfare Development Group.

Positions held include assaulter, breacher, sniper, team leader, troop chief and military working dog department senior enlisted adviser. Outside of the his military career, Bill is a 3rd degree Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Gustavo Machado and has been training in Sayoc Kali since 2006. He has always been an avid shooter and is heavily involved in combatives.

“Our mission at Amtac Shooting is to teach good Americans to protect themselves and their families better”.

Bill currently runs a Walther PDP full size 4 inch with RDS, Blackpoint tactical FO3 holster and Centurion Arms Carbines of all different sizes.

“Quality training ammo made by shooters for shooters.”

– Bill R.

Bill Rapier shoots High Desert ammo.

Chad Robichaux


Former Force Recon Marine, JSOC Task Force member, U.S. Federal Air Marshal, Medal of Valor recipient, 4th Degree BJJ Black Belt, and Pro MMA Champion – Chad Robichaux is a man of action.  After 8 deployments to Afghanistan with JSOC, Chad founded Mighty Oaks Foundation, a leading non-profit that has served over 450,000 active duty troops, military veterans, and first responders around the world through their faith-based combat resiliency programs, which are completely free to our Nation’s Warriors. 

During the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, Chad established a coalition of 12 American patriots that ultimately led to the safe evacuation of over 17,000 people from Afghanistan, including his interpreter Aziz, which he outlines in his book Saving AzizMighty Oaks International is also currently conducting operations into Russian-occupied Ukraine, bringing our spiritual resiliency programs to those on the front lines as well.

“Thousands of rounds now with zero fails…you need ammo you trust. High Desert Cartridge has consistent performance and is proven reliable. Another note is how clean the ammo is. I usually have black hands handling ammo…it’s super clean.

— Chad

Chad Robichaux shoots High Desert ammo.

Bill Blowers


Based in Tacoma, Washington, Bill Blowers was first introduced to pistol shooting over 30 years ago as part of familiarization when he joined the US Army Cavalry Scouts in 1986. After six years in the Army, Bill spent the next 26 years as a police officer, of which 22 years were spent in SWAT, the special weapons and tactics team.

A keen teacher who enjoys passing on his experience, Bill has been teaching SWAT-related courses professionally since 2003, alongside running his own business Tap-Rack Tactical, LLC since 2006. For training, classes and carry, Bill chooses Walther’s Q5 and Q4 steel frame pistols, topped with red dot sights, and is currently using a Safariland 6354DO on a Blue Force gear belt.

“I’ve been using HDCC 9mm and 5.56 for about two years with no issues. Repeatedly above 95 on slow fire B8’s at 25 yards with pistol, and scoring 375 and better on a 400 point aggregate drill from 0-400 on B8’s. Reliability has been superb, accuracy phenomenal, customer service has been fantastic. I highly recommend HDCC ammo because the guys who make it also shoot it.”

– Bill B.

Bill Blowers shoots High Desert ammo.

Darryl Bolke


Darryl Bolke is a retired police officer from Southern California. He spent 17 years assigned to SWAT as their primary firearms instructor and armorer. He also worked numerous proactive crime suppression units and spent four years as a flight officer in the helicopter unit. He currently is still working as a security contractor.

“DB” has been a professional firearms instructor for well over thirty years. Is co-founder of Hardwired Tactical Shooting and the Pat Rogers Memorial Revolver Round Up at Gunsite. He also coordinates the Thunderstick Summit shotgun training event. He is a well known subject matter expert on combative revolvers, their history and use, as well as one of the largest collectors of historical fighting revolvers in the country.

“High Desert Cartridge Company has been a great asset in specialized load development for my training revolvers, and their ammunition has exhibited exceptional quality control and reliability. For conducting serious revolver training, ammunition that is clean, consistent and reliable is absolutely critical and High Desert is my current go to for my training ammunition after numerous issues with the quality control of budget factory training ammunition.”

— Darryl

Darryl Bolke shoots High Desert ammo.